Kevin Frey Web Solutions

As of October 2014, I am now unavailable for any immediate need large-scale jobs. I will be able to take on more large jobs around February or March of 2015, and can still take on small projects, especially if you can get me the details and images. Please let me know if you’re interested in booking my services ASAP so I can reserve your spot on my client list before it gets any longer and my rates increase!

I am a freelance web developer, focusing on helping small businesses with minimal upfront cost, from Orange County, California. Feel free to contact me for any website, e-commerce, social media, advertising, or in store point of sale system and inventory related work you may need help with.  A simple “I do this and I am here” with some pictures of your business (that you provide) may be as cheap as $200 including a year of hosing your site as a “.com” website. Some simple search engine optimization for helping Google find your page is included at no extra cost. For a little more I can help get your business a proper social media page, blog, take photos, and help advertise online to attract new customers. Already have a business and making money but being bogged down doing everything by hand? I can help automate and optimize your business with the latest technologies, allowing you to do what you do best without worrying about the paperwork and management. With flexible and pay over time options, it will pay for itself. There’s no point in waiting anymore. Let us know what you want, and let us tell you what we can do.

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